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Super Absorbent Resin

Super Absorbent Resin

Super Absorbent Resin

High water-absorptive resin is a new type of functionally high molecular material which is also called super absorbent . It contains the nitrogen,carbon and other elements which are necessary for plant growth. Super absorbent resin will not leave any residues after the degradation thus it will not pollute the environment.


1. It can be used as soil amendments: The results showed that the mixture of super absorbent resin and cultivation soil with certain proportion could increase soil infiltration and permeability as well as quickly reduce the soil moisture, controll the diurnal variation of soil respiration. Consequently the drought resistance of soil and its quality was improved.

2. It can be used as seeds promoter agent and seedling transplantation preservation agent: Super absorbent resin can improve the germination rate, reduce the germination time, and promote seed growth. Sowing togetherwith seeds, it can improve the survival rate of seeding in arid regions.

3. It can be used as fertilizer controlled release agent:Coating on fertilizer with super absorbent resin could slow down the release offertilizer and improving fertilizer efficiency, thus reduce environment alpollution and waste caused by loss of fertilizer.

4. In other aspects, it also can serves as pesticides dispersantand microbes cultivation agent.

Packing and storage:

The solidproducts are packed in kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag, with each bag containing 25 kgs. Airtight store in a cool ventilated dry place.




White powder

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