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Polyanionic Cellulose

Polyanionic Cellulose

1. Application :

Polyanionic Cellulose has extensive uses which can be applied to all the industries that using the CMC, and it has stable application performance.

For example:

(1) It can be used asthe sizing agent in the textile industry.

(2) It can be added to the pulp so as to improve the longitudinal strength, smoothness, oil resistance and ink receptivity of the paper.

(3) It can be used to make the soap and detergent in thedaily chemical industry.

(4) It can be used as latex stabilizer in the rubber industry.

(5) It also can be used as the emulsion stabilizer,thickening agent, binder,suspendingagent,super absorbent polymers,dispersing agent in theindustry of coating, food, cosmetic,ceramic powder, leather and so on.

2. Physical property:

It is a while to light yellow powder or particle, inodorous and non-toxic, with strong hygroscopicity, and dissolve easily in cold and hot water.

3. Chemical property

(1). High substituted degree: substitution value 0.85-1.4

(2). Thermal stability:It is stable in the aqueous solutions below 800C ; When the temperatureis reaching 1500C it still contains some certain viscosity that canlast for 48h.

(3). Acid and alkali resistance and salt resistance: It is stable under the PH range of 3-11, therefore it can be applied to hostileenvironment.

(4).Good compatibility: It can dissolved in other cellulose ethers, water soluble adhesive,softener, resin; When the substituted degree of PAC passes 1.2, it will show it oil solubility gradually.

(5). Good solubility: It can dissolve rapidly in the cold orhot water by using common mixing equipment, and it dissolves more quickly in hot water. The quick dissolving PAC can dissolve adequately with in few minutes,which can improve the production efficiency.

(6). Good stability:The aqueous solution of PAC has the photostability, thus it can prolong its expiration date, improve its ability of antibacterial and anti-mildew,and won’t ferment.

(7). Less usage: Due to the high substituted degree and good stability,the usage of PAC is 30%-60% less than the CMC under the same circumstance,which, to some extent, can reduce the cost and save the raw material. Therefore,it has good economic and social benefit.

(8). The PAC is made of purified cotton, which has no pharmacological effectsand harmless to people.

(9).The PAC can be applied to the work in the high temperature well.

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