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Sulfonated asphalt powder

Sulfonated asphalt powder

1. Chemical Name or composition: Sulfonated asphalt powder

2. Product synthesisprocess:

FT-1 is the asphaltic material which has been sulfonated and emulsified. It is an anionic polymer with the molecular structure of -C- C-,-C-S-, which contains strong bond energy, therefore, it hasgood high-temperature resistance.







Oil  soluble matter

Water  Soluble


                 filtration loss on high                

         temperature and pressure                

Sulfonated asphalt








3. Product performance and quality indicator

(1)The basic material of this product is petroleum asphalt; it is the dark brown powder with flow ability. Its density is 0.98g/cm3, and it contains high water-soluble component, certain lipophilic component, and good emulsifying ability. It can be applied to all kinds of drilling fluid systems.


Due to the sulfonyl inside, the sulfonated asphalt has strong hydration. When absorbed on the surface of shale, it can stop the hydration of the shale particle, thus it is great for collapse resistance. Meanwhile, the insoluble material can fill the pore throat and crack,cover the shale, and improve the quality of mud cake. The sulfonated asphalt also has the effect of lubrication, and reducing the HTHP filtrate loss in the drilling fluid.

(1) It is a multifunctional drilling fluid additives that can stop leaking, prevent collapsing, reduce drag.

(2) It can lubricate the drilling tool, prolong the using term of the drills, prevent and resolve the sticking.

(3) It can form thin and though mud cake to intensify the borehole wall, and control high temperature water loss.

(4) It can control the high temperature shearing strength of drilling mud.

It can be used with other mud conditioner.

Suggested dose: 1-6%

5. Package and storage

The package is 25KG/bag.This product is sealed in 3-in-1 Kraft paper bag with plastic lining. Keep the products in dry, shady, andventilated place. It should be prevent from sun and rain.

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