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Ethylene-vinyl Monomer Copolymer

Ethylene-vinyl Monomer Copolymer

Product details

Properties and Application:

Ethylene-vinyl Monomer Copolymer contains COOH-CNNNa-(COO)2Ca-CONH2in their molecules. The molecular weight can reach to two or three millions.So it can be used as a viscosifier in drilling fluid.

Feature and Function:

1. It can effectively improve the rheology andcutting-coating ability of the drilling fluids while inhibits the mud-making ratio of the formation; Thus, it may improve the drilling speed and cutdown the drilling cycle;

2. Resists to calcium and salt; Suitable for freshwaterand salt water drilling fluid,

The depth in a drilling well can reach to 5600 meters.

3. Strong shale inhibiting ability;

4. Good

5. Simple configuration and processing with less dosage, good stablity, which reduces the labor intensity;

6. Excellent shear-thinning ability.

Packing and storage:

The solid products are packed in kraftpaper bag with inner plastic bag, with each bag containing 25 kgs.

The  Intrinsic Viscosity
Moisture  Content
Size40 Sieving Residue %
PH  Value

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