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The use of polyacrylamide should follow the following principles

1, granular polyacrylamide flocculant can not be directly added to the sewage. Before use, it must be dissolved in water and treated with its aqueous solution.
2. The water that dissolves the granular polymer should be clean (such as tap water) and cannot be sewage. Normal temperature water can, generally do not need to warm. Water temperature below 5 °C is very slow to dissolve. Water temperature will increase the dissolution rate, but more than 40 °C will accelerate the degradation of polymers, affecting the use of effects. General tap water is suitable for formulating polymer solutions. Strong acids, strong bases, and high salt water are not suitable for formulation.
3, the choice of concentration of polymer solution, Lebang company recommended 0.1% -0.3%, that is, 1 liter of water plus 1g-3g polymer powder.

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