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How to extend the life of gear reducer?

Gear reducer transmission equipment is an important part of work to improve the gear reducer bearing capacity and service life play a crucial role in the selection of gear reducer by adding oil (gear oil or oil line) and install On the workbench, use height gauge measurements to adjust the center height of each test rig and reducer. Make them at the same center height, with bolts, pads fixed, plus a small load, the run-in test run. After running for a period of time, pour the lubricant out and check whether the oil contains metal powder, and then clean it again. Then add the lubricant and re-run it down until no metal powder is found. Finally, re-lubricating oil seal and began to increase the load test.
Gear reducer for the first time, the first trial run is essential. Many users often overlook this one preliminary work, eventually leading to poor operation of the reducer, or lead to damage to the reducer, thereby increasing the cost of inputs. Therefore, the gear reducer for trial operation is to help users reduce the cost of inputs, which can greatly improve the life of the reducer and quality.

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