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Concentrator sewage to be polyacrylamide treatment can be reused

A physical or chemical process that separates useful minerals from unwanted minerals (commonly known as gangue) or harmful minerals in mineral raw materials, or separates many useful minerals, is called beneficiation, also known as "mineral processing." Products, the enrichment of useful components known as concentrate; enrichment of non-useful components called tailings; useful content between the concentrate and tailings, the need for further processing, said the mine. Metallic mineral concentrates are mainly used as raw materials for metal extraction in smelting industry; non-metallic mineral concentrates are used as raw materials for other industries; and coal is the refined coal concentrate. Mineral processing can significantly improve the quality of mineral raw materials, reduce transportation costs, reduce the difficulties of further processing, reduce processing costs and achieve the comprehensive utilization of mineral raw materials. Due to the growing depletion of the world's mineral resources, the use of lean mines and complex mines is increasingly being used, thus increasing the amount of ore that needs to be beneficiated. At present, almost all mineral and nonmetal (including <Aa coal) ores are beneficiated except for a few ores.
Concentrator wastewater is not free to discharge, due to its great harm, it is recommended to use anionic polyacrylamide pam plus polyaluminum chloride. If necessary, it is recommended to cooperate with heavy metal trapping agent. Environmental protection, stressing that secondary pollutants can not be produced, therefore, it is recommended that you consider the existence of residual emissions when using pharmaceuticals.
Mineral processing wastewater, including process drainage, tailings pond overflow and mine drainage.
Discharge of mineral processing waste, suspended solids content is high, with more types of harmful substances and lower concentration characteristics.
Mineral processing wastewater is the main harmful substances are heavy metal ions and dressing chemicals. Heavy metal ions are copper, zinc, lead, nickel, iron, barium, cadmium, etc., and arsenic and rare elements.
The selection of anionic polyacrylamide 1000-1400 molecular weight of the product of mineral processing wastewater experiments and found that the experimental effect is obvious. Mineral processing wastewater proved not to use cationic polyacrylamide through experiments, all anionic flocculants, and anionic polyacrylamide prices much lower than the cationic polyacrylamide, suitable for use.
Anionic polyacrylamide flocculant, mainly for the treatment of inorganic solids-based neutral suspension. In urban and industrial wastewater treatment, used to improve the removal of suspended solids in wastewater, COD and phosphate removal.

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