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The reason of the decrease of the flocculation effect of the viscosity of the polyacrylamide solution

Polyacrylamide (PAM) needs to be dissolved in liquid, polyacrylamide solution in the course of the process will often decline in viscosity and reduce the flocculation effect, etc., affecting the use of results. But why is this happening?
The viscosity of normal polyacrylamide is related to the following:
Effect of Temperature on the Viscosity of Polyacrylamide.
Effect of Hydrolysis Time on Viscosity of Polyacrylamide.
Effect of Mineralization Degree on Viscosity of Polyacrylamide.
Effect of Molecular Weight on Viscosity of Polyacrylamide.
The main reason for the decrease of viscosity of polyacrylamide is as follows.
1; storage time
Polyacrylamide solution with the storage time increases, the more degradation, the lower the viscosity, flocculation effect is also worse. In general, anionic polyacrylamide solution can be stored for seven days, cationic polyacrylamide solution can only be stored for 24 hours. This is due to the amide group hydrolysis, hydroxyl content increases the reason. Especially the effect of containing cationic groups is more obvious, the amide group to remove NH3 to form imide groups is caused by the increase of molecular chain rigidity.
2; temperature effects
0.1% polyacrylamide solution, the temperature reached 80-90 ℃, 18 million molecular weight in 2-4 hours to about 5 million, with the increase in temperature, degradation faster and faster. Room temperature 25 ℃ when the performance is stable.
3; mechanical effects
Stirring can increase the dissolution rate of polyacrylamide dry powder, high-intensity stirring speed, will cut the molecular chain of polyacrylamide, the proposed stirring speed control online speed of 60 rev / min, do not use high-intensity mixing equipment and high-speed transmission equipment.
4; the influence of light
Light will make the temperature rise, the polyacrylamide dissolved degradation, direct exposure to ultraviolet light will dissolve quickly degraded. Direct sunlight for 3-5 hours, will make polyacrylamide molecular weight decreased by 30 - 50%.
5; the effect of impurities
Dissolve polyacrylamide dry powder, it is best to use neutral water, water hardness, or contain impurities, will affect the viscosity of polyacrylamide and the use of results.
Any factor that triggers the generation of free radicals accelerates the degradation of PAM. Oxygen and iron can produce free radical reaction, UV is the same, we should pay attention to avoid

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