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What is the main role of drilling fluid drilling fluid

Drilling fluid is used in the drilling process, the hole used in the cycle of washing media. Drilling fluid is drilling the blood, also known as drilling fluid. Drilling fluid according to the composition can be divided into water, mud, no clay phase flushing fluid, emulsion, foam and compressed air. Clear water is the use of the earliest drilling fluid, no need to deal with, easy to use, suitable for complete rock formation and abundant water. Mud is widely used drilling fluid, mainly for loose, fissure development, easy to collapse off the block, with water swelling peeling hole wall instability. At the beginning of the rotary drilling, the main role of the drilling fluid is to carry the cuttings from the bottom of the well to the ground. At present, the drilling fluid is recognized as having at least the following ten effects:
(1) clean the bottom of the well, carrying cuttings. Keep the bottom clean, avoid repeated bit cutting, reduce wear and improve efficiency.
(2) cooling and lubrication of drill bits and drill string. Reduce the bit temperature, reduce wear and tear, improve the life of drilling tools.
(3) balance the borehole rock side pressure, forming a filter cake in the borehole wall, closing and stabilizing the borehole wall. To prevent pollution of the oil and gas and wall collapse.
(4) balance (control) formation pressure. To prevent blowout, well leakage, to prevent formation fluid on drilling fluid pollution.
(5) suspended cuttings and weighting agents. Reduce the speed of cuttings, to avoid sinking card drill.
(6) on the ground to remove sand and cuttings.
(7) effective transmission of hydraulic power. The power required to pass down the power drill and the hydraulic power of the drill bit.
(8) to withstand part of the gravity of the drill pipe and casing. The buoyancy of the drilling fluid to the drilling tool and the casing reduces the load of the lifting system at the time of drilling.
(9) to provide a large amount of information on the drilled strata. The drilling fluid can be used for electrical logging, cuttings and other wells to obtain underground data.
(10) Hydraulic broken rock. Drilling fluid through the nozzle formed by the high-speed jet can be directly broken or auxiliary broken rock.

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