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How to solve the polyacrylamide flocculant caking

Polyacrylamide dissolved agglomeration phenomenon, the problem has been wrapped around the customer. Recently received the site customers said that the daily use of polyacrylamide flocculation dose and small test as much, but the effect is very unsatisfactory, and small test is very different, because these customers in the dissolved plus polyacrylamide flocculant, like A large number of one-time investment in polyamine, uneven mixing makes the phenomenon of agglomeration, so that the active ingredients did not play out. General manufacturers suggest that the product should be dissolved, should be slowly added to the water and a certain rate of mixing, to avoid reducing the caking phenomenon.
Polyacrylamide dissolution control factor
1, dissolved water quality. It is generally recommended to use pH-neutral low hardness water. If the use of dissolved inorganic or metal too much water, or the use of groundwater, river water, recycled water will easily reduce product performance.
2, the dissolution time. If it is polyacrylamide dry powder dissolved, stirring at least for more than 1 hour to play the best performance, which can reduce the amount of products.
3, dissolved concentration. The usual dissolved concentration of the cationic flocculant is 0.2% (0.1% -0.3%) and the usual dissolved concentration of the anionic and nonionic flocculant is 0.1% (0.5% -0.15% feasible)
Because polyacrylamide models are more types, the general selection should be based on the quality of the sewage plant test selection. Purchase polyacrylamide, due to different manufacturers, the same parameters of the use of products are often different. When you choose the appropriate flocculant, to strictly operate, control the dissolution of a good solution to the polyacrylamide flocculant caking phenomenon.

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