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Powder polyacrylamide

First, the use of instructions
1, powdered polyacrylamide should not be used directly, must be clean water (such as tap water) dissolved even after a certain proportion of dosing use.
2, it is recommended that the concentration of polyacrylamide dissolved in 0.1% -0.3%, the general use of repeated dilution.
3, dissolved polyacrylamide slowly and evenly added to the stirring with the water phase, the stirring speed should not be strong (stirring speed to 100-300rpm is appropriate) to avoid the shear loss of polyacrylamide, feeding too fast easy to knot Group, the formation of "fish eyes".
4, the water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, room temperature can be.
5, the configuration of polyacrylamide dissolved solution, cation PAM should not exceed 1 day, anion PAM should not exceed 2 days, so as not to degradation.
6, the solution does not touch the iron ions, iron ions are easy to make polyacrylamide decomposition.
7, pump material, it is recommended to use a diaphragm or vacuum suction or low pressure centrifugal pump (due to high-speed rotation of the pump leaves easy to polyacrylamide degradation).
Second, storage, transportation and precautions
Polyacrylamide itself is not toxic. Only when the inhalation of more than five thousandth of the gastrointestinal mucosa due to the absorption of nutrients blocked and harmful. Polyacrylamide residues in the acrylamide monomer toxic, food applications to be strictly controlled. Powder polyacrylamide pay attention to storage, transportation, should pay special attention to moisture.
Third, the packaging specifications
25kg lined with plastic bags, the outer layer of woven bags, packaging can also be based on user requirements.

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