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An effective way to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment is to select the correct type of flocculant

Sewage treatment flocculant types, models more, the right choice to use flocculants can improve the efficiency of sewage treatment. Factory procurement in the choice will appear on the choice of phobia, the choice is to determine the yield and quality of the most critical factors, if you choose a good product can be handy to get high efficiency, and vice versa will not benefit. In the water purification industry flocculant preferred type of mystery, is to provide customers with the best choice to avoid detours.
Polyacrylamide flocculant selection on the need to explore and understand from different industries, for their own needs to choose, such as sludge dewatering to select high-quality cation; if it is flocculation sedimentation, mine wastewater, need to choose anion or non-ion.
The correct choice of flocculants can be considered from the following:
1, good water solubility, in cold water can be completely dissolved.
2, add a small amount of this flocculant products, can be a great flocculation effect. The use of 0.3-2ppm can reduce the proportion of sludge and water in the biochemical and sludge concentrates, and improve the utilization rate of the biochemical and sludge enrichment tanks. The sludge concentration can be increased from 3-10g / L to 30-100g / L, which greatly reduces the sludge volume of the next sludge dewatering process and improves the efficiency of sludge dewatering equipment and personnel.
3, while the use of flocculant products and inorganic flocculants (polyferric sulfate, poly aluminum chloride, iron salts, etc.), can show greater results.

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