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Effect of Potassium Polyacrylate Concentration on Soil Water Retention

The effect of water retention agent (potassium polyacrylate) on soil water retention effect showed that there was a significant difference in soil water content between soil water retaining agent and non - application of water retaining agent. The moisture content of the soil treated with the water retaining agent is always higher than CK during the whole evaporation process. There were no significant differences in water evaporation and soil water content between 12 days before drought stress, and the evaporation of water was higher. After 12 days of drought stress, the water content of soil treated with water retaining agent was higher than CK, and with the prolongation of drought stress, the difference gradually increased, indicating that the water retaining agent began to play its function of water retention and slow water discharge in the later period. In the treatment of water - retaining agent, the soil moisture content treated with 0-5% and 0-3% was higher than that of other treatments after 6 days of stress, which showed good water - retaining effect.
1% of the water content of the evaporation process in the entire water evaporation process are at a high level, the water retention effect is not as good as 0? 3% and 0? 5% of the two levels of treatment, indicating that the application of water-retaining agent is not more High and better, too high concentration of water retaining agent but not conducive to the long-term water conservation effect of the soil, the reason may be related to the soil structure, high concentrations of potassium polyacrylate water retention agent makes the soil in the water when the viscosity of the sticky, soil moisture More easily be evaporated, so that the soil water-retaining agent in the water-saving effect by a certain impact.

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