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Dissolution of polyacrylamide

Dissolved water: It is recommended to use PH-neutral low hardness water, the use of groundwater, dissolved inorganic or metal ions too much water easily reduce product performance.
Dissolution time: dry powder products dissolved after 1 hour can play the best performance (recommended non-ionic dry powder products dissolved more than 2 hours).
Dissolution concentration: Cationic products usually dissolve 0.2% (0.1% ~ 0.5% feasible); anionic, nonionic products dissolved concentration of 0.1% (0.05% to 0.3% feasible).
Dissolution operation should be in plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and other materials in the tank, stirring speed should not be too large. Dilute the solution to avoid the use of centrifugal pumps and other high-shear rotor pump, it is best to use screw pump and other low-shear pump.
Chloride process used on the flocculant, the dissolution of the more special conditions, the need for on-site technical guidance.
Polyacrylamide use and preservation Note:
This product is non-toxic, water soluble, damp easily agglomerate.
Touch the hands or skin, rinse with water.
This product storage temperature of 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, the proposed preservation in a dry place.
It is recommended that the original packaging of dry powder products within one year the use of shelf life of two years.
The general emulsion is stored for 6 months. Storage time is longer, the upper layer of the emulsion will have a layer of oil precipitation, which is a normal phenomenon. Should be used when stirring evenly, will not affect its use effect.
Preparation of a good solution should not be a long time, the best with the use of dissolved. More than 24 hours after the decline in product viscosity caused by the use of decline.

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