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Polyacrylamide plays an irreplaceable role in water treatment

Three reasons to make polyacrylamide in water treatment play an irreplaceable role
1, adsorption bridge: PAM molecular chain fixed to the surface of different particles, the particles formed between the polymer bridge, so that particles formed aggregates and sedimentation.
2, surface adsorption: PAM molecules on the polar groups of particles of various adsorption.
3, enhance the role: PAM molecular chain and dispersed by a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and other effects, the dispersed phase implicated together to form a network, and thus enhance the role.
These principles are the most fundamental reason why flocculants polyacrylamide can exert excellent water treatment effects.
PAM is polyacrylamide has a very high molecular flocculant abbreviation, commonly used in sludge dewatering, sewage flocculation, decolorization, turbidity, filter, thickening and other purposes. PAM flocculant molecular weight between 5 million -25 million, commonly used models are divided into cation, anion, non-ion three. Many customers have encountered in the sewage treatment by adding polyacrylamide flocculation effect is poor, today we simply talk about the impact of PAM flocculation effect of what causes.
PAM flocculant is most commonly used in sewage treatment, adding a small amount of polyacrylamide solution to the sewage can show a strong flocculation function, but sometimes flocculation effect is poor, this reason can be divided into three categories:
First, PAM model selection error, cationic polyacrylamide as a sewage flocculation for high toxicity, containing organic wastewater flocculation treatment and organic sludge dewatering process. Anionic PAM is suitable for suspended particles, high turbidity, with a positive charge of sewage flocculation treatment, non-ionic polyacrylamide due to non-ionic functional side of the molecular side chain amide activity, in acidic water can reflect a strong flocculation Features.
Second, the proportion of PAM polyacrylamide dissolved, anionic PAM and non-ionic polyacrylamide dissolution ratio of one thousandth of the cationic polyacrylamide, the best dissolution ratio of two thousandths.
Third, the dissolved water temperature, PAM is white crystalline particles, the need to use clean water to dissolve, the general solution time of 60 minutes, but the autumn and winter dissolution time will increase in general about 2 hours, if the increase in dissolved water temperature can shorten the dissolution time , The general temperature control below 60 ° C, recommended between 40-50 ° C.
Fourth, the amount of consumption is generally based on different water quality will be different in the amount of less than the amount of flocculation in the sewage effect, the amount will appear more liquid viscous situation occurs, the general use of the machine before the first Beer flocculation test prevail

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