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Application of polyacrylamide in papermaking industry

In the paper industry, the general use of powder or water emulsion organic polymer polyacrylamide PAM products, the following to take you to understand the organic flocculant PAM in the paper for a variety of applications!
1, for raw water, white water and wastewater treatment need to use flocculants, sewage dehydrating agent; can use high molecular weight yin, yang, non-ionic PAM products, and sometimes with other polymer coagulants used in conjunction;
2, retention aid filter: PAM through the electrical neutral and long carbon chain bridge role, improve the filler, fiber retention, saving pulp, reduce white water turbidity. General use of medium molecular weight (200-400 million) cationic PAM.
3, dry strength agent: PAM molecules in the amide group and the fiber molecules of hydroxyl molecules to form a new hydrogen bond, the paper folding resistance, dry strength is improved. Generally use low molecular weight PAM (no more than 1 million). Acid paper making system directly with anionic PAM; due to anionic polyacrylamide and pulp fiber on the negative repulsion, in the neutral alkaline papermaking system to be combined with other cationic additives, cumbersome and uneconomical. Therefore, since the 1990s, foreign paper industry can be directly adsorbed on the pulp cationic PAM ratio increased, anionic PAM decline.
4, suspending agent: to promote long fiber suspension dispersion, the use of high molecular weight (18 million) anionic PAM.
5, dispersant: very low molecular weight PAM (not more than 10,000) can effectively improve the paper uniformity. It is important to note that with the increase of the degree of whitening of the paper mill and the increase of the amount of secondary fibers, the composition of the water is more complicated, the cationic PAM effect is weakened, the polymer structure needs to be improved and the anti- Structure PAM.

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