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The molecular weight of polyacrylamide is determined by who

Let's take a brief look at the molecular weight of the polyacrylamide: the molecular weight of the product under different pH conditions is significantly different. PH value is too low, strong acid easily lead to explosion together to form cross-linked insoluble matter, income anionic polyacrylamide and low molecular weight; with the PH value increases, the acid reaction solution weakly increasing the basic, the income of cationic polypropylene Amide molecular weight gradually reduced, good solubility. This phenomenon can be attributed to the low pH conditions associated with intramolecular and molecular polymerization and acylation reactions that form a chain or cross-linked product that can lead to poor product solubility and low molecular weight polymerization; Value, it can create a nitrogen is mostly triacrylamide (NTP), NTP in the reaction of the potential reducing agent, more rapid response, but also the NTP chain transfer agent, will lead to the final product molecular weight reduction Its solubility is good.
The molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide varies with temperature, which reflects the effect of reaction temperature on the synthesized product. As the reaction temperature increases, the molecular weight of the product is anionic polyacrylamide at the first, and then increases gradually. The reason for the analysis may be that the free radical production is low in temperature, the number is low, the induction is long and slow, which is conducive to the growth of the chain reaction, so that the high molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide product can be obtained. With the increase of the reaction temperature, Increase, respond to speed, and tend to terminate the chain reaction, resulting in low molecular weight products. But the reaction temperature is too low, it is also easy to cause the reaction is too slow, so that the reaction time is too long, affecting the efficiency of the reaction. If the reaction temperature is too high, the free radical reaction within the system will be more and more of the moment, easily lead to explosion together, so that cross-linking between molecules to become a gel-like insoluble. It can be seen that the appropriate reaction temperature is important to ensure that the desired product is obtained, and that the laboratory controls the temperature of the appropriate reaction temperature in the range of 20-30 ° C.

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