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Polymer emulsion waterproof coating

Polymer emulsion waterproof coating is a polymer emulsion as the main raw material, adding other additives and prepared one-component water-emulsion waterproof coating. Representative of high elastic thick acrylic waterproof coating, which is based on modified acrylate multi-polymer emulsion as a base material, add a variety of additives, filler processed by science and a thick one-component aqueous Polymer waterproof coating materials.
High elasticity thick acrylic waterproof coating is suitable for bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor, balcony and wall waterproof, impermeable and moistureproof wooden floor and other projects, not suitable for long-term immersion site. Construction can be scraping, brushing and roller coating and other forms, suitable for deformation of the larger grass-roots new housing indoor waterproof.
Waterproof acrylic waterproofing principle is: After the construction, the formation of waterproof membrane completely by the evaporation of water and latex particles to achieve continuous, therefore, the drying rate of the product depends on the evaporation rate of water. If cracks occur at the grassroots level, the waterproof coating will stretch and deform and will not break, thus ensuring that the grassroots can be waterproof even when deformed. Acrylic waterproof coating bonding mechanism for polymer penetration and bridging effect.
High-stretch thick acrylic waterproof coating with high solid content (thick coating), excellent environmental performance (water-soluble), high elasticity (cracking resistance), one-component (easy construction) and strong resistance to grass-roots deformation Capability and other performance characteristics.

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