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Can polyacrylamide and polyaluminum chloride be used together?

In the treatment of sewage, some sewage using a single flocculant is difficult to achieve the desired effect of the customer. But if polyacrylamide and polyaluminum chloride can be used at the same time, the problem of sewage can be very simple. Speaking of this, some customers and friends would like to rush to experiment to see, do not worry, there is a little elementary question, that is the order of delivery, and interval time. Polyaluminum chloride PAC is a coagulant, and the wastewater reflects the time is very short, after adding a strong enough mixing, and PAM polyacrylamide is a flocculant, mixing can not be too drastic to avoid the formation of flocs, Therefore, under normal circumstances should be the first to join PAC and then add polyacrylamide PAM, but to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you do a sample test to determine the final dosing order. Dosing intervals, the proportion of dosing, the amount of dosing and the strength of the mixture require a rigorous scientific experiment, avoid using the two drugs directly together, otherwise it will directly affect the sewage treatment effect, thereby increasing costs .

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