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Polyacrylamide is the appearance of white particles how to identify it?

There are 4 simple ways to distinguish polyacrylamide from the model:
1, we all know that polyamine acryloyl chloride on the market the most expensive, non-ionic than the anion slightly more expensive. We only from the price on the ion type can know a little two.
2, the polyacrylamide dissolved polyacrylamide solution PH value, the corresponding pH of various models are different. Practice found that different manufacturers of polyacrylamide products and production process raw materials corresponding to the corresponding PH value is not all absolute.
3, inferred by sewage experiments, we all know that the general polyacrylamide anionic PAM for high concentrations of positively charged inorganic suspended solids, and suspended particles coarse (0.01-1mm), pH is neutral or alkaline Soluble cationic polyacrylamide PAM is suitable for suspended solids containing negatively charged and organic substances. Nonionic polyacrylamide PAM is suitable for the separation of suspended solids in organic and inorganic mixtures. The solution is acidic or neutral. Cationic polyacrylamide formation of floc large and relatively dense, anionic and non-ionic formation of flocs small and scattered.
4, first select an anionic polyacrylamide and a cationic polyacrylamide products, respectively, solvent treatment, to be detected polyacrylamide product solutions were mixed with these two PAM solution, if and anionic polyacrylamide Product of the reaction, indicating that the polyacrylamide is cationic, and if the reaction with the cation to prove that the PAM product is anionic or non-ionic products, the shortcomings of the method is unable to accurately identify the product is anionic or non-ionic polyacrylamide The But we can judge from their dissolution time, anion dissolution is much faster than non-ion. The general anions are completely dissolved for an hour, and the non-ion takes one and a half hours.

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