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What is the role of polyacrylamide

Polyacrylamide use characteristics
1) Flocculation: PAM can make the suspended material through the electrical neutralization, bridging adsorption, from the flocculation effect.
2) Adhesion: through the mechanical, physical, chemical role, from the role of bonding.
3) drop resistance: PAM can effectively reduce the friction of the fluid, the water can be reduced by adding trace PAM 50-80%.
4) thickening: PAM in the neutral and acid conditions are thickening effect, when the PH value of 10 or more PAM easy hydrolysis. When semi-reticular structure, thickening will be more obvious
PAM principle of action
1) flocculation principle: PAM for flocculation, and floc type of surface properties, especially the potential, viscosity, turbidity and the PH value of the suspension, the particle surface of the dynamic potential is the reason for the addition of particles to join The surface charge of the opposite PAM, can move the potential to reduce the concentration.
2) adsorption bridge: PAM molecular chain fixed on the surface of different particles, the particles formed between the polymer bridge, so that particles formed aggregates and settlement.
3) Surface adsorption: PAM molecules on the polar groups of particles of various adsorption
4) Enhancement: PAM molecular chain and dispersed phase through a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and other effects, the dispersed phase implicated together to form a network, and thus enhance the role.

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