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Instability of polyacrylamide aqueous solution

The nature of the polyacrylamide aqueous solution usually exhibits instability. Unstable physical phenomena are diverse, and their causes are different, there are two main categories, namely, various factors caused by the degradation of polyacrylamide aqueous solution and polyacrylamide molecular chain structure changes. The consequence of the degradation is the molecular chain breaks, and the molecular weight is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the polyacrylamide aqueous solution.
Specific reasons for the following aspects:
Molecular structural factors: Polyacrylamide aqueous solution in the form of various forms of hydrogen bonds and the formation and fracture of the solution affect the stability of the solution.
Purity factors: Oxidizing impurities such as residual initiators in the product can degrade, but have little impact because high purity polyacrylamide products are also unstable.
Environmental factors: environmental temperature, light, atmospheric oxygen, carbon dioxide and other environmental factors on the degradation of polyacrylamide aqueous solution will have a certain impact.
Microbial degradation factors: Unclean polyacrylamide aqueous solution there is a large instability, the water micro-organisms can promote the degradation of the product play a role.
Relative molecular weight factors: the higher the molecular weight of polyacrylamide products show some of the more unstable. Polyacrylamide aqueous solution degradation is now irresistible, we have to do is with the use of with, with the use with.

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