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How to improve the viscosity of polyacrylamide

How to improve the viscosity of polyacrylamide this problem, usually the customer that the higher the viscosity of its higher molecular weight, the better the quality.
Now Hao promise Xiaobian to help you analyze: Usually we talk about the viscosity is a certain concentration and temperature viscosity.
For the existing polyacrylamide, its molecular weight is constant, at a certain concentration of viscosity is also certain.
For the polyacrylamide has been produced, generally can not improve the viscosity, or can only add cross-linking agent to partially branch or cross-linking. Change its fluid mechanics, to a certain extent, to improve its viscosity.
Of course, the most straightforward way to increase the viscosity of polyacrylamide is to increase the degree of polymer and increase its molecular weight, so that it is most direct and most effective. There is also a method in the crystallization of the time to join the plasticizer, nucleating agent, etc., which can improve the crystallinity of polyacrylamide, thereby increasing the viscosity of the product.
Generally the latter is not desirable, the result of this treatment for water treatment, and can not reduce the unit cost of sewage treatment, on the contrary may also increase its cost, only when the thickener can be effective. For example, such as incense industry.

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