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Polyacrylamide potassium salt as a water-retaining agent and potash fertilizer characteristics

1, non-toxic. Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, does not pollute plants, soil and groundwater, fruit trees, afforestation, soilless cultivation, plant preservation, field crops, etc. Soil water retaining agent and soil erosion agent to the final decomposition For carbon dioxide, water, ammonia nitrogen and sodium or potassium ions, without any residue.
2, soil moisture and water can effectively inhibit the evaporation of water to prevent soil erosion, even in the irrigation conditions, can still save more than 50% of water.
3, to improve the soil structure, so that the soil of heavy soil, water and fertilizer soil and secondary saline soil can be improved at the same time to promote soil microbial development, improve soil organic matter turnover efficiency.
4, long life. Set a variety of polymer properties, can be repeated swelling and release shrinkage in the production of life of up to 6 years or more, is currently on the market the longest life of soil moisture products.
5, the water absorption speed. General natural water to absorb the longest time is about 15-40 minutes, the fastest 0.4 minutes.
6, the use of high water and fertilizer utilization. Soil water-retaining agent in the soil formed in the "small reservoir" to accept fertilization, irrigation (or rainfall) caused by leaching loss of trace elements to reduce 1/3, to protect the environment; when again drought, Of the water-retaining agent to keep the surrounding soil moist, to supply plant roots of water.Even in the desert and extreme arid climate, in the annual rainfall of 200mm, can also plant trees.
7, the water is not rotten enough to eat water-like water-retaining agent molecules into a hydrogel crystal, even close to the plant roots will not rot.
8, stable performance Even extreme drought, it will not pour the plant moisture. Raw material itself is non-toxic, very safe. If the made water-retaining agent, such as the introduction of that, there will be no pollution.

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