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Anionic polyacrylamide use precautions

1, anionic polyacrylamide configuration concentration
Anionic polyacrylamide due to the high molecular weight, viscosity is strong, so the anionic polyacrylamide ratio of 1 ‰ standard (can be adjusted according to the appropriate concentration of sewage turbidity. High turbidity, concentration decreased; low turbidity, generally can be improved Anionic polyacrylamide dosage, but does not change the anion polyacrylamide concentration is better, otherwise easy to affect the pipeline flow).
2, anionic polyacrylamide dissolved containers
The anionic polyacrylamide dissolution operation is carried out in a stirring tank of plastic, ceramic, stainless steel or the like. Since the anionic polyacrylamide molecular chain is a random coil in solution, in the preparation and dissolution, in the part of the water pack in the coil, the coil and the volume are large and full, the coils are easily intertwined with each other and are cross- Look at a certain viscosity. If the centrifugal pump due to the high-speed rotation of the impeller to make part of the deformation of the macromolecule structure part of the separation from the middle, the volume becomes smaller, the cross-linked between the coil is destroyed, the viscosity decreased, reducing the use of anionic polyacrylamide.
3, anionic polyacrylamide stirring process
Anionic polyacrylamide molecular chain in the solution by the shear force will lead to molecular chain fracture degradation, affect the performance, so dissolved dilute anionic polyacrylamide should be as much as possible to reduce the mixing time to reduce the stirring strength; reduce the stirring speed should generally be controlled at 50 -250 r / min, should not be too fast. With anionic polyacrylamide solution, the dosing point should be as far as possible to avoid the strong mechanical stirring; transport anionic polyacrylamide solution, the pipeline should be rough, head and branch to less, the best choice for pump pump or Diaphragm pump instead of centrifugal pump.

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