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Polyacrylamide instructions

1, the amount of cationic polyacrylamide used in coal washing can be set in the amount of thirty kilograms to 110, should increase the number of use, the use of the number set in a hundred to three hundred kilograms more reasonable, electroplating wastewater industry and ordinary Industrial water is generally not more than 50 kilograms. Note: (The number of used industries is the number of tons of waste per thousand tons)!
2, polyacrylamide in the textile industry applications.
If the main body of the process using biochemical methods, that is, the remaining sludge dewatering (which may contain some of the initial settling), only the cationic PAM as a sludge dewatering agent can be.
If the process of the main body of the use of physical and chemical methods, such as a strengthening, loading magnetic separation process, generally first plus kilograms; chemical industry wastewater use is generally between 50 to 120 kg; bleaching and dyeing industry wastewater and paper The industry's most difficult to deal with wastewater PAC quenched and tempered, and then add anionic flocculant, and finally add cationic flocculant dehydration. The specific dosage should be based on the quality of sewage.
There are a lot of sewage treatment station, sludge dewatering directly plus PAC or other inorganic flocculants can be, this in the frame filter press, especially the electronics factory or a small sewage treatment station application is more extensive.
PAM is used as a sludge dewatering agent when it is generally between 0.1% and 0.2% with water. Dissolved in glue-like liquid, and then added to the sludge for mixing treatment.
And sludge ratio is generally 5% - 10%, and some lower, this should be determined according to the concentration of sludge, it is best through the live beaker experiment to determine the best dosage and use models. Different sludge, different agents, different equipment, different management level, the effect of sludge treatment is different.
3, sewage treatment plant with cationic polyacrylamide as a sewage operation sludge dewatering agent. In the process of communication with customers, customers often ask the sludge in the sewage treatment process, the amount of sludge dewatering agent dosage. To know the exact amount of sludge dewatering agent dosage, first understand these parameters, the moisture content of sludge, mud cake moisture content, into the mud, the amount of drug, the concentration of dispensing

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