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How to Choose Water Treatment Pharmacy Polyacrylamide Flocculant?

Now there are a lot of polyacrylamide flocculants on the market, but when we encounter a sewage, how do we choose polyacrylamide flocculant to deal with it, we must first know that the sewage is the kind of sewage, what is the industry emissions Of the sewage, is the printing and dyeing, coal preparation, paper, sewage treatment plant or other industries, is the sewage sedimentation or sludge dewatering, according to the characteristics of sewage, to choose water treatment agents.
First, sewage settling
Sewage settling, we can choose any one containing poly aluminum chloride, polyferric sulfate or aluminum sulfate and other inorganic water treatment flocculant.
But the daily selection, we often choose polyacrylamide anionic and non-ionic. In the anionic and non-ionic selection of the judge, we generally according to the size of the PH value of the sewage treatment, if the ph value of 7 or less, the proposed non-ionic; if 7 or more, then select the anionic type; Is 7, then we should choose a lower degree of hydrolysis of the anionic type is more together. Sometimes, we also use cationic, but the sewage is a special sewage.
Second, sludge dewatering
In the sludge dewatering how to choose water treatment agents, we mainly see what the sewage belongs to the industry, mainly based on the organic matter in the sewage to determine the level of choice of ion level.
For example, we experiment with the use of beakers in the lab to do sludge dewatering. In the experiment, we encounter many problems in this field. There is no standard in theory to determine the sedimentation of a water treatment agent to treat the effluent or Is the sludge dewatering is good or bad. The vast majority are in accordance with the experimental person's own experience and feel to choose water treatment agents.
According to years of experimental experience, we temporarily for water treatment of its settling speed, compression ratio, supernatant clarity to determine the water treatment agent.
1. Settlement speed, that is, adding polyacrylamide flocculant after its agglomeration speed.
2. Compression ratio refers to the sewage or sludge is flocculant flocculation after the proportion of mud separation.
3. Supernatant clear degree of understanding. We can observe by the naked eye.
For sewage treatment how to choose water treatment agents, we should choose a few agents for a sewage to do the experiment, in the experiment to compare the agent in order to select the water treatment agent to grasp the more accurate and more accurate.

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