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How to identify the quality of polyacrylamide

The method of identifying the quality of polyacrylamide is the same as that of many people in the industry. The higher the molecular weight is, the higher the molecular weight is, the higher the cationic polyacrylamide or the higher cationic polyacrylamide is, but the fact is not According to the nature of sewage and sludge and select the corresponding model, the current observation of the powder alone can not distinguish between the need to completely distinguish between the need to do the contrast experiment:
The same quality of solid polyacrylamide dubbed the same concentration (such as one thousandth) of the liquid, the configuration should be as much as possible mixing, with the passage of time (about half an hour), the solid completely dissolved, high molecular weight solution concentration, viscosity Significantly higher than low molecular weight products. High purity products are usually very transparent, low-quality products, low transparency, often with a certain degree of white.
Ultra high molecular weight 20 million of the molecular weight flocculation effect is more ideal, especially in the highly difficult wastewater treatment, its excellent precipitation effect is very obvious.
2. High viscosity High molecular weight is the root cause of high viscosity, it is recommended that you take the same content of the same liquid products to observe: with the stir bar picked up, the large molecular weight as the molecular chain longer, usually picked up more.
3. Less consumption. Due to high viscosity, longer molecular chain, less dosage can not only sink the same amount of particles. With the product than the domestic products generally save at least 10% of the amount of reagents.
High purity Content ≥ 90%, after hydrolysis close to the transparency of tap water, and the general domestic product content of 89%, low transparency after hydrolysis, often with a white!

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