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Why is polyacrylamide used for sludge dewatering?

Cationic polyacrylamide Introduction: As the molecular chain with a positive charge and become an important part of the industrial sector materials and additives. In the sewage treatment as a flocculant for mining, metallurgy, textile, paper and other industries. In the oil industry for a variety of operations.
Cationic polyacrylamide Application:
Used in the oil industry for a variety of operations, such as drilling and development used to prevent mudstone hydration of the expansion of clay stabilizer. Drilling and oil extraction flotation flocculant for sewage treatment, thickening agent for acidification solution, water shutoff control agent for tertiary oil recovery, drilling
And completion of the reservoir protection agent. In the paper industry can be used as retention aid, sizing machine and enhancer, greatly improved the performance of the paper, so that it has a larger market demand.
Cationic polyacrylamide production process: cationic polyacrylamide monomer → mixed → join the initiator copolymerization → granulation → drying → grinding → screening, packaging.
Cationic polyacrylamide Application: Can be used as tertiary oil flooding agent, water treatment agent, urban sewage flocculation and sludge dewatering agent, new beneficiation collector and used as soil and water humectant. All kinds of organic sludge dehydration (decanter centrifuge, belt filter press).
Product Features:
Why is polyacrylamide used for sludge dewatering?
This series of products flocculation effect is very strong, because it has:
1. Filter to promote the role;
2. thickening and other effects. In the waste treatment, sludge concentration dehydration, mineral processing, coal washing, paper and so on, to fully meet the requirements of various fields.
3. To clarify the role of purification;
4. Sedimentation promoting effect;

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